Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Contributing to a new Stocksite: Cutcaster

Yesterday I started contributing to a new Stocksite: Cutcaster

The first start didn't go to well, because I didn't receive the confirmation email. But after mailing to contact, they sended me a very fast reply that my account was confirmed and that I could start uploading.
For now I uploaded 50 files. I don't have much pictures at this moment, so only a few left for uploading. But al the 50 files were accepted by the site.
The uploading proces is easy, I uploaded with the site uploading tool, but they also have a ftp possibility. For my small portfolio that's not necessary, but if you have a couple of thousand photos, than you're glad it's there.
You can fill in you own prices for your pics or let the cutcaster alghorithm make the prices for you.

Hopefully there will be a lot of sales soon.

I also uploaded two new pictures, one from my trip to Brazil and one for the Japan collection, a new kokeshi doll.

I have a lot more pictures of Brazil to postproces, but also from my trips to Laos and Cambodja, Surinam, Kenya and Tanzania and Berlin.