Friday, September 5, 2008

Exclusive with Istockphoto

Will it ever happen? Off course.
I still have 203 downloads to go before I can ever consider about going exclusive with Istockphoto, and only 44% acceptance rate. So there is a possibility that even with 203 new downloads I won't make it yet.
Because you have to have 250 downloads and 50% acceptance rate, otherwise you must have 500 downloads to become exclusive.
In januari 2009 they have an Istock'lypse in Berlin. That's very close for me since I'm living in Holland. I would like to go there.
So I have a small race with myself: try to become exclusive before the end of the year.
So wish me luck (or help me and download my photos at Istockphoto)

But before I go exclusive I can still use some other agencies like Shutterstock and Mostphotos. Here some new photos: